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control. and you are talking about health care medicare by disproportionately affect women. women tend to outlive men, and these programs are strongly relied on by women. >> bill: there may be other issues where they are close where they stand o are they similar in position or there's not that much of a big difference, when it comes to women's issues there is no doubt about it, that president obama is absolutely on the right side and mitt romney is dead wrong, and a danger to america. laura thank you so much for joining us. i can't believe any woman would vote for mitt romney. 866-55-press 866-557-7377. there is a war on women and mitt romney and paul ryan are leading it. john is from east liver pool ohio. good morning. >> caller: good morning, bill, how are you. i really enjoy your show. >> bill: thank you. thank you. what is your point? >> caller: i believe mitt romney covered his ass during the last debate to create 12 million jobs. i swear i heard him say this is going to take eight to ten years. what do you think? >> bill: i didn't hear him say that, but i tell
. across the board. medicaid, give it to the states. medicare, give it to the private insurance companies. give you a voucher and depend on the private insurance companies. education, give it to the states. auto bailout american auto industry no. no role for the federal government. he said. let the private market handle it. even disaster relief, mitt romney has said the federal government has no role in disaster relief. it ought to be left up to the 50 states. that means no fema. that means every one of the states goes in a totally different direction. that would be a monumental disaster. and most republican governors would agree with that. chris christie, for example in new jersey who has been praising the work that president obama has done in this campaign. so -- in this hurricane. that is the key difference between barack obama and mitt romney and it shows why mitt romney's entire approach to governing is wrong. >> literally just moments ago on a different morning show, governor chris christie saying "th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2